Friend Figure Foreign Sarakku - Part 1

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  • 2020
  • 25 Mins
  • 18+
  • IMDB 5
  • CC
  • English

Actors: Karthick, Mervin, Pavi, Jenny, Nithya, Sameer, Mojo, Jaleel.

Directors: AJ

Year of Release: 2020

Synopsis: A tale of two young men who are best friends. Friends who'd love to booze irrespective of whatever the situation is. Sam lives with his sister Jessy, who is in love with Goutham (Sam's friend). In the meanwhile Sam shares his love track with Priya (Jessy's friend). Both these friends come across lots of controversies that lead them to break up with both their current lives and move on to a new one which takes them through different leaps and falls. Further will be the twists in tale through their alcoholic journey.