Virgin Days - Part 2

Telugu web series - Part 2
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  • 2020
  • 19 Mins
  • 18+
  • Adult Comedy
  • IMDB 5
  • CC
  • English

Actors: Pavithra Kotian, Bharath kumar, R. Shakthivel. R. Karthick

Directors: S.M. Mohammed Azarudeen

Year of Release: 2020

The story is about a good guy Bharath. He was committed with a girl since three months. He was sincere with his love and maintained distance without touch which made her feel bored and they got break up.

After break up, Bharath got fed up and decided to become a playboy. He seeks help with his friends Karthik and Amar. Thus the story travels with their sexual experiences, struggles, fun, suffering entertainment and so on.